Tollfreeswap Staking

Stake and Earn Passive Reward
on your TOLL

Earn over 240% APR by simply locking up your TOLL Tokens in the staking pool.

Stake TOLL
Staking Earning

Get rewarded on staking

When other TOLL holders join the pool

When a user joins the staking pool, 3% of the liquidity is shared to everyone on the staking pool

When people exit the staking pool

Upon leaving the staking pool 5% of the money is shared to everyone still on the staking pool

TOLL holders reward distribution

Everyday Stakers on the pool earn between 0.5% - 1% depending on the liquidity they have on the staking pool.

Learn how staking

How staking works


Connect Wallet

Connect your wallet to our Dapp to continue with the staking proccess



Procceed to next step if you have TOLL in your wallect, else you need to buy TOLL to continue


Enter amount

Enter the amount of TOLL you want to stake


Approve Transaction

Approve the transaction on your wallet to procced

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