October 27, 2021

Sustainability is the bedrock, foundation and dignity upon which the posterity of any event, project and program is founded, without which the name of such a project will only be remembered in the past.

To look at what sustains many projects, we will be dwelling more on the verb “STAKING”

Staking is the act of actively participating in transaction validation. This is quite synonymous to the events inherent on proof-of-stake (pos) blockchain. It is imperative to note that anyone with a minimum-required balance of specific cryptocurrency can authenticate transactions and earn staking rewards.

What then is cryptocurrency staking? Cryptocurrency staking is the act of locking up cryptocurrency holdings in other to get rewards or earn interest. Note that cryptocurrencies are developed with blockchain technology, in which crypto transactions are verified, and the resulting data are integrated into the blocks which are validated in every node of the participating computers.

Cryptocurrency staking has proven to be profitable since inception. Since staking serves as alternative to mining itself, it is also as potent as mining without much risk attached. All that is required is for the participant to buy and hold the coin or token in question so as to add liquidity to the mining pool.

In the past years, some staking pools including Ethereum staking pool do not allow you to unstake at will unless at the expiration of the stake period. But, in recent times, programmers have brought innovation and changes to make staking more flexible, rewarding and transparent as seen in the TOLLFREESWAP staking pool, where you can unstake as you desire. Under the tollfreeswap staking pool, participants can earn as high as 22% monthly yield and 240% annual percentage yield.

Some of the rewards you can earn from staking include getting additional tokens and attracting voting rights. Mention must be made that staking is also risky considering the volatility in the prices and values of cryptocurrency. We must not also forget that in every staking pool, one has some fees to also pay.

Apart from the tollfreeswap staking pool, there are other staking pools in the market such as Tezos(XTZ) VeChAIN(VET), Neo,Cosmos, lisk etc